It is a Baptist principal, as old as the church itself, that the Scriptures are our sole and final authority. Therefore, translating is necessary, lest we become like the clergy of Tyndale’s day, who thought it better “to be without God’s laws” than for the common people to be able to read the Word of God for themselves in their mother tongue. We must ask, Is it possible to translate accurately? Is it a command of God? Does the Bible say much about translating? You will be encouraged to see in the Bible that the answer to all these questions is, YES! The Bible is the foundation of what we base all our beliefs! But, “if the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do?” Psalm 11:3

Bro. Samuel Turk is a missionary to Indonesia and a Bible translation evangelist. He is also one of our proofreaders. He and his family are presently in the US, visiting churches to raise funds for their own ministry, and also raising funds for the Indonesia Bible translation project. Bro. Samuel has a fervent love for our Lord Jesus Christ, and for the Indonesian people, and for the word of God. Arrange for Bro. Samuel to preach a three day Bible translation seminar, and he will greatly strengthen your church’s faith in the Bible and accurate Bible translating. Bless the people of your church by making an appointment today for Bro. Samuel to preach to them. Please allow Bro. Samuel to represent our team to your church so that the rest of us can keep translating and proofreading to give the Indonesian people the first accurate translation of God’s word in their entire history.

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