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Kris Kristofferson - "Why Me Lord"

Kris Kristofferson – “Why Me Lord”

What A Lovely Name

What A Lovely Name


  • Bible Translation Evangelism

    It is a Baptist principal, as old as the church itself, that the Scriptures are our sole and final authority. Therefore, translating is necessary, lest we become like the clergy of Tyndale’s day, who thought it better “to be without God’s laws” than for the common people to be able to read the Word of […]

  • Missionary Hypocrisy:

    The Double Standard Outside The Borders Of The USA by Samuel Turk [The following enlightening conversation recently took place in a Facebook group page: Fundamental Baptist Preachers (Open Group, anyone can see the group, who’s in it, and what members post).

  • The Need For A SUPPORTIVE Sending Church

    by Pastor Joshua Turk, B.S. A SUPPORTIVE sending church is one of the most important factors in the success or failure of a missionary.


  • Is ‘Allah’ in the “Original” Bible?

    by G.J.O. Moshay The vociferous South African Muslim jihadist, Ahmed Deedat, wrote a whole pamphlet1 to ridicule the Christian God and to show his readers that the Arabic ‘Allah’ is right in the ‘corrupted’ Christian Bible. As if he was coming to give a shocker of the century, Deedat announces on page three of his […]

  • Allah And Pre-Islamic Arab Christians

    Was the Name ‘Allah’ used by Pre-Islamic Arab Christians? by

Spanish Bible

  • Are King James Bible Believers Who Use and Support the 1960 Spanish Bible True King James Bible Believers?

    true bible believers by Missionary to Paraguay, Mike Wilps The answer can be given in two ways. 1. No. They are not King James Bible-believers by conviction. They only adopted someone else’s conviction. They say that they are 100% in support of the Textus Receptus for the New Testament and the Masoretic Text for the […]

  • Why? You Don’t Speak Spanish!

    by Louis A. Turk, B.A, M.Div., Ph.D. The following question has been asked of us, and needs to be answered: “Why are you inserting yourself in the Spanish Bible issue when you neither speak Spanish nor are you called to the Spanish speaking world?”  There are many important reasons:

  • Which English Bible Corrected Your Spanish Bible?

    By Dr. Humberto Gómez “I don’t believe the English Bible should correct the Spanish Bible” The previous statement was made by the most outspoken of our critics; he makes such a statement while holding in his hand a Spanish Bible that was “corrected” by ENGLISH BIBLES.


  • Behold the Sea Dog of Allah

    by Louis A. Turk, B.A., M.Div., Ph.D. For people who are not involved in the skill of translation, it may come as a surprise to realize that there is a long history of controversy concerning the correct definition of translation. It is a history of honesty versus dishonesty—of enlightenment versus deception.

  • Double Inspiration: True or False?

    by Manny Rodriguez (3-27-08) Some have asked, “Bro. Manny, do you believe in Double Inspiration?” The tricky part of answering a question like this is that some preachers have different ideas of what Double Inspiration really is.

  • The Cost Of Translating The King James Bible

    by Louis A. Turk, B.A, M.Div., Ph.D. The next time you sit down to read your King James Bible consider the value of that translation which you hold in your hands.